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What Covert Spy Camera System to buy?

A basic system that is ultra small camera and wireless receiver, will run off of batteries and connects to your home TV is the 820F, the 901F provides superior high power pictures but does require mains PSU, the 830E is a hand held receiver unit running of re-chargeable batteries for complete portability, the 820G receiver connects to your computer or laptop via the USB port and includes CCTV software.  The BTM001 is a wired body kit, all running of of the portable DVR re-chargeable battery, is small and covert ideal for on the move mystery shopper or private detective.

The original spy camera.  Quality, durability simple to use, just connect to your home television.


Slightly larger camera, requires mains PSU (or 12V) highest quality pinhole CCD.

Portable camera kit, simple to use, switch on and your ready. 

USB spy cameras

USB kit connects to any personal computer or laptop.


Body worn kit, simple to use, one button record, small MP4 recorder and camera.




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