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<a href=http://www.budgetspyshop.co.uk/spycams/ target="_blank"><b> spy cams</b></a> - Wireless mini spy cameras available at budgetspyshop! visit www.budgetspyshop.co.uk for hidden cameras!

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For more information on our range of wireless video cameras, CCTV cameras, spy cams and spy cameras please e-mail sales@budgetspyshop.co.uk.  If you have any further questions, need to have a better picture of the laws regarding CCTV and wireless cameras.  Please seek legal advice from an expert before undergoing any covert surveillance,  as a general rule its illegal in most countries to use CCTV or any other camera hidden or otherwise in a public place without a sign of specific dimensions stating CCTV is in operation.  B, in your own private home you must not use hidden cameras in any "inappropriate places" that may be seen in the eyes of the law to be an illegal activity, whether its for keeping an eye on a nanny, the kids, burglar or cheating partner (once again if unsure always seek professional advice from an expert).  We at budget spy shop will not be held responsible for any misuse of our products, as with most things in life, wireless video cameras can be used for benefit and misuse. 

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