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              "All cameras come as complete kits, that means everything you need is included, camera/transmitter/receiver and all wires and connectors"   


1. I have other wireless products in my home, will that be a problem if I purchase a wireless hidden camera or transmitter?
Only if the wireless products are running on the same frequency as the wireless cameras. Although 1.2GHz cordless phones, satellite dishes, and wireless computer networks are less common than higher 2GHz+ products, they are the top three products on the market today that seem to cause problems. The main problem is the picture will roll as if there is no horizontal hold. You can check with your other manufacturers to see if they are on 1.2GHz.

2. Can I get audio in my hidden camera?
Many of our cameras come with audio and this will be specified with the product description.  It depends on your countries laws as to whether or not they can be used and we do always ask that because we ship globally you should check the laws specific to your country.  As example, according to United States federal laws, audio should not be used in a surreptitious manner. One example of surreptitious interception is audio in a hidden camera, therefore a hidden camera should not be used with audio, only audio cameras should be used in non-hidden applications.  Title 18, Section 2512.

3. How many frequencies are there? Why are some hidden cameras 2.4GHz, and others 1.2GHz?
There are too many frequencies to get involved in.
The three primary frequencies are 900MHz, 1.2GHz, and 2.4GHz.

4. Are wireless cameras legal?
There are too many countries with too many laws for us to check them all so we ask our customers to make sure they are legal before ordering, in the UK, EU and US there are no major issues with the use of wireless cameras, you are advised to check that the frequency does not require a licence prior to use and that if using audio then be sure that hidden applications are legal, as bugging can be a criminal offence even on your own premises.  Please also note that we cannot be held responsible for kits confiscated by customs or for your own actions so please do not use for illegal activities.

5. What do you mean by wireless cameras?
A wireless camera does not need an RCA cable connected from the camera to the TV or VCR. A wireless hidden camera has a video transmitter, as well as the pinhole camera concealed inside the object. The object only needs power from a wall receptacle. A wireless receiver is included with every wireless camera; the receiver is what is connected to the "video in" on your TV, VCR, or computer. The receiver also requires power from a wall receptacle.

6. What is the range of a wireless camera? How far can I get?
The industry uses "Line of Sight" as a base measurement for range. LOS means absolutely nothing is in the way, mountain top to mountain top, perfectly in line with each other in regard to direction and height.
What this means is your reception will vary from anywhere between 100 to 1000 ft.
The vast majority of our customers have no problem going from one side to the entire other side of their home, on different floors, etc.

7. How long can the cameras record?
The cameras do not record. They only see, or view. The amount of recording time is dictated by your recording device. A standard VCR with EP setting can record for up to 10 hours if a T-200 tape is used. We offer a long-playing VCR that can record up to 960 hours on one tape (time-lapse VCR), and also a VCR that will only turn on and record when activity is present (video motion detection VCR-VMD).

8. What does resolution and lux mean?
Resolution measures the camera's ability to reproduce an image. The higher the resolution number, the better the picture quality. Most TVs only have a resolution of 350 lines. A Sony Trinitron is up to about 400 lines. Lux is the measure of light the camera needs to reproduce an image. The lower the Lux number, the less light the camera requires. A black & white camera will grasp an image longer than a color camera.

9. Is a special recorder or monitor needed?
No. Any recording or viewing device with video input capabilities can be used, for example, a VCR, TV, camcorder, or computer.

10. Is everything I need to "plug and play" included?

YES! All you need is either a television, video recorder or DVR capable P.c.  Simply plug the wireless receiver into the video socket of your t.v, power up the receiver and camera and your away.

11. Do I have to order online using a credit card?
No, you do not have to order online, but it is the most recommended. All of our websites have passed very strict security measures for identity theft and credit card fraud prevention.  Please e-mail us on sales@budgetspyshop.co.uk for further details.

12. What do you mean by audio capability?
Many of our receivers and transmitters have audio as well as video jacks.

13. Will anyone be able to tell what is in the box when it arrives?
All our packages are sent in plain, boring cardboard boxes.

There will be nothing on the outside of the box stating what is inside.

14. What will be on my credit card statement?
A paypal reference number/code.

15. What's your returns policy?
We can only accept returns for faulty equipment on a replacement only basis, we have a 3 month warranty so any problems whatsoever that we can't fix through help and support by e-mail then we can simply return to the manufacturer for a replacement free of charge.

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